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Credit-light personal loan is the product with the most appeal to the public looking for a small or medium-sized loan with the advantage of the zero-cost formula.

Since this is a personal loan, there are no limits to how the amount obtained on loan can be invested: therefore, the list of possible uses (cars, boats, journeys and holidays, liquidity) that is proposed as usual is not equivocal. among the loan advertising material. Everyone is free to use capital as a pre-condition and has no restrictions on BCCs, not even communications.

Credit-light, with the advantages that we will describe later, is a promotion: at the time of writing we will be active for a couple of months. However, it often happens that such promotions are continually renewed over time because they are particularly useful for finding new customers.


Features of the BCC Credit-light loan

 Features of the BCC Crediper Light loan

The main feature, which differentiates it from the other loans of the BCC Crediper line, is the absence of preliminary costs. This is a significant advantage because:

  • these expenses are generally deducted directly from the disbursed capital, and therefore you immediately find yourself with a sum of money lower than the one you requested
  • certainly not a few pennies, especially if the amount requested is considerable
  • often amount to the cost of an installment if they do not even exceed it

The maximum amount obtainable with Credit-light is € 20,000, while the minimum is € 3,000.
The tan of 9.60%. The TAEG differs by less than one percentage point, reaching 10.40%; this is normal as it is a loan at no charge (preliminary investigation), so as increases compared to the tan only the annual reporting costs, equal to 2 USD, those of monthly management, 1,30USD, and those of stamp for intervals the contract, 16 USD.

Now let’s see what is the advantage relative to Credit-light in respect of loans burdened with preliminary costs: if a 10,500 USD Credit-light were obtained, repayable in 60 months, we would have an installment amount of around 220 USD. The expenses in question, if they were charged to the customer, would be 184 USD (being fixed at 1.75% of the disbursed capital). As we said before, this is a considerable amount, almost equal to an installment.


Who can request BCC Credit-light


Who can request BCC Crediper Light
The loan can be requested by all three typical categories of applicants:
– employees
– self-employed and professional workers
– pensioners
In addition to the usual identification document and the tax code, the applicant, necessarily an adult, must produce:
– copy of the last pay slip, if dependent
– copy of the last UNICO, if autonomous or freelance
– copy of the last pension slip, if retired

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