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“Stretch as long as your blanket is worth!” – we cannot count the number of times we have heard this well-known folk wisdom. Our grandparents already knew that material growth can be achieved through awareness, prudent asset allocation, step by step – or at least good investment 🙂 If you want to start the new year with constructive new habits, then restructure your debt and then restructure your spending and plan your spending more consciously. This year is about financial awareness!

Set aside at least 10% of your monthly income!

You guessed it, it’s never a problem if you set aside more than the “gold reserve” you don’t touch, at most in an emergency. Make sure to set aside this amount when your payment arrives, as you are less likely to be put off by the end of the month. Be strict and consistent with yourself, as statistics show that the vast majority of people tend to spend just how much they earn – no matter how much they earn. If you are conscious and resourceful, you will not feel much difference.

Make an inventory at home and before you buy!

Make an inventory at home and before you buy!

If you are fully aware of the material things you have, you can better resist the temptation to consume; be sure not to store one extra piece, be it any consumer product. An important rule is to list, inventory, so you not only avoid unnecessary purchases, but also keep in mind possible expiration times, thus minimizing your wastage. If you have thrown more than one sour cream in your life, you know very well what we mean.

Long live coupons, vouchers, discounts, discounts, deals! Why not take advantage of these benefits? Think ahead and shop for long-term items (such as needed clothing, beauty products, hygiene products, durable foods) during promotional periods. Going back to the previous point, if your list is up to date, you will be able to shop for things that aren’t immediately needed when you’re running into a price cut.

Start bigger shopping, but less frequently!


Do you see a contradiction? Think better: if you go shopping less often and you buy more things, which means more items in your shopping cart at the same time, you’re probably even better off skipping a shopping trip every two days, where you’ll be guaranteed a few more milk trifle.

You’ve jumped in with a little bag at the hypermarket, which, as it turned out, wasn’t nearly enough at the cashier? And the basic rule: never go hungry shopping!

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